Nutrition: Diet & Lifestyle

We are what we eat and drink!

Wimage_h08ith so many different diets on the market and so much contradictory information published on the internet, in the newspapers and in all the new books that come out, it can be very confusing to know what is good to eat.

Nutrition and the fast pace of modern life can become a real challenge, especially with a family and the added pressures of work. Nutrition is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle and therefore extremely important. It is NOT however, an all or nothing decision. A little of what you fancy does do you good. But it is all about keeping things in proportion.

Why not keep a food diary for a week and make an appointment for us to discuss it. We can look through your day-to-day eating habits and make small changes that can have a huge impact.

Nutrition plays a very important part in the way that we feel. 80% of our immune systems is in our intestines. Recent research is even revealing that depression and anxiety are related to our eating habits and lack of nutrition.

Once you have realize how easy a happy healthy diet can be you will never look back.

Good food equates to a firm energized body and a happy agile mind.

Nutrition consultations are best taken place in your home and kitchen in Bath and surrounding areas.

A 1 hour session costs £45.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

― Hippocrates