Sports Massage

Aches, pains, stiff muscles and joints all stop us from feeling good. The quickest way back to feeling good is with an assisted set of stretches followed by a deep tissue massage. It soon puts the bounce back in your step!

Regular massage assists circulation and helps with relaxation. If you are doing regular exercise it also helps with muscular performance and mobility.

As a sports massage therapist I am able to help with many other injuries and persistent complaints including tendonitis, shoulder and knee pains, Sciatica and Achilles tendon injuries. These all benefit enormously from a good stretch and massage and I can give you a set of exercises to rehabilitate and get you back to mobility.

Make an appointment to come to my central Bath treatment rooms. After an hour you will feel so much better.

Massage Therapy available
at my treatment rooms:Medikas Medispa,
26 Broad Street,
Bath, BA1 5LNHalf hour: £30
Full hour: £45